How to defeat e-mail spam

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Having trouble with your email? Are spam emails loading up your inbox? Do you need help to deal with them? If so, you are not alone. Internet users everywhere are facing the problem.

Spam emails are usually unwanted and may contain cons, viruses or offensive content and are delivered to countless addresses. Dealing with such emails consumes increasing amounts of time and money. On the top of that, they clog up your inbox and eat up bandwidth.

Spam’s, come from unknown entities that acquire email addresses through a variety of ways, one of which is website registration information. Some of the ways to avoid receiving these annoying emails is to give your personal email address only to trusted users and to set up one or more free throw away email accounts to use when an email address is required for registration.

Just like viruses, new spam emails are sent everyday. Despite the continuous fort and cutting edge technologies adopted by major email providers. It is still not possible to completely stop these emails. The first rule for dealing with spam is not to reply to it. If you do you confirm your email address to the originators. It is also possible to personally deal with spam emails by moving to junk mail.

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