Filipina OFW: Wanted in Saudi for Uploading Sexy Photos on Facebook

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Screen shot from video
According to report, Saudi authorities are now seeking for a Filipina OFW (Overseas Filipina Worker) who actually uploaded a sexy photo on her Facebook account.

This OFW is allegedly named as or AKA “Pretty Charm” is from the province of Zamboanga, who work as a cook/servant.

A Facebook post of a certain Daisy Quezon San Miguel. Says that the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia has issued a warning to all OFWs’ to abstain from posting sexy photos and videos on their Facebook accounts.

 A said copy of a letter to the embassy of the Philippines in Riyadh quoted as:
“Dear Sir,
Please investigate the following facebook group including their admins which majority of them are here employed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I observed that they are posting topics and pictures which are prohibited in the Sharia Law of the kingdom. I have screenshot and saved the pictures of the members specially the admins of these groups since they are tolerating this one happening inside the kingdom. Attached are 7 pages of the screenshot pictures as evidence.
1. SAUDI ARABIA in ang mga PASAWAY (hunk AND sexy filipinos)
2. meet pinay pinoy in saudiarabia”

These Facebook groups are now deactivated by their admins.