Dishwasher Who Allegedly Took Photo on Two Sexy Ladies’ Butt, Humiliated in Facebook.

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Just recently a video upload from a Facebook user, who recorded their confrontation on a dishwasher in a restaurant somewhere in Espanya, they wanted to share it on social media so that people will know the wrong doing of the dishwasher, but as soon as the netizens saw the video upload, instead of getting on their side, these two ladies got negative feedbacks.
credit to Youtube
In the video you will hear the other lady throwing insulting words to the dishwasher, they even wanted to give him P20 for him to go in an internet café where he could privately watch some p*rn clips. They even asked the real name of the guy [dishwasher] and from where he is from. This guys is allegedly from Cebu as stated on the video.

Some comments there, says that they shouldn’t have insulted the guy, if they wanted to be respected, they would have come in a more decent way.

Unfortunately as of this posting, the original upload from Facebook was deleted by the owner, but an upload from youtube by Matteo Menesis kept the video alive.

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  1. both sila may kasalanan..

  2. yan mag suot pa kayo ng mga maiikli hahahahaha