Student and Taxi Driver Argue Over Change for 500 Goes Viral

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December 6, 2014, Mark Buraga hopped on a taxi named Red Angelo with a plate number UVU 627 to go to his school in Makati. Much to his surprise, he encountered a mean taxi driver who thrown so much filthy words on him for a reason that Buraga gave a 500php bill for the fare. What the driver did not know is Buraga recorded their intense conversation.

When they arrived in Buraga's school, the taxi driver did not have a change for the P500 bill. Instead of giving Buraga a money change, he received many offensive words from the driver. He drove from one place to another so to break down the P500 bill and worst scenario was when he tried to ask another taxi driver for a change and gave his awful rants about the passenger to the other driver.

The mean driver able to break down the bill from a gasoline station then charged Buraga for P190 instead of P150. He commanded the passenger to get out of his taxi then left.

Buraga is eager to file a complaints against the nasty driver at the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

According to reports, there are three major complaints as to the Manila taxi drivers. (1) Overcharging(2) Selecting Passengers and (3) Rude Taxi Drivers. 

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