Home fire safety

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A fire is one of the most devastating disasters that can happen in a home. Our home can go up in flames endangering the lives of our family. If we are not careful or if we neglect safety precautions. And the truth remains that most fires can be prevented by taking some simple precautions.

Have you prepared a fire escape plan for your home? The secret to getting everybody out without injury is to plan for a fire emergency before it happens. Here's some tips how: Gather your everyone in your home and plan your home fire escape now, make sure the escape routes are accesible and clear. Everyone should know how to open the window. Make sure everyone knows the emergency services number for your area. Designate a place where the emergency phone call can be made after escaping from the house. Practice the home fire escape plan regurly. Make sure everyone in the family understands that no one should go back inside the burning house to retrieve something inside.

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