Would You Dare To Have an Affair with Ashley Madison?

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Recently, an online dating site has been launched in the Philippines. This site has been existing for 12 years and originated in Canada. Ironically, it is founded by a happily married man with two children, Noel Biderman also known as “King of Infidelity” and the website also has a European communications director and spokesperson who is happily in an 8-year steady relationship named Christopher Kraemer.
Image credit to Ashleymadison.com

The website is famous by its catchy tag line, “Life is short, have an affair.” In the Philippines, this tag line reads, “Ang buhay ay maikli. Mangaliwa.”

The primary market target of this site is people who are unhappy and dissatisfied with their present relationship. Also, they aim curious people who want to play with fire.

To be a member of this extramarital website is plain and simple. Basic information is being asked and current relationship status. Once filled up, the member will be asked by their preferred extramarital partner from gender to their physical features. It also requires member to indicate what kind of affair are they looking for. The options are enticing and have number of varieties, such as something short term or long term, cyber affair or erotic chat, whatever excites me, anything goes, and undecided. In addition, member can upload a photo and can post a little about themselves, from hello to what turns them on.

According to Kraemer, this website do not endanger marriages but actually helps save marriages. I wonder what would be the reaction of the Filipino society. Is this a negative or a positive outlet? See for yourself.

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