WATCH: Sarah Geronimo sings Disney's 'The Glow'

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The Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo is one of the most wholesome artist in music industry. Sarah made Filipinos so proud when she did the interpretation of the  international Disney Movie  entitled “The Glow” which originally sung by British singer Shannon Saunders.  This song is a sound track of the Disney Princess and was  one of the OST of the movie Tangled. The Disney Channel Asia releases the Glow by Sarah Geronimo.

Sarah did well in her career, aside from being multi-talented she remained being humble and down to earth, because of these good qualities of hers,  it won her fans loyalty.  She knew when to control her voice in this video it is obvious that Sarah did well in her own rendition and this gonna be her one of the most unique variants of her voice.

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