How to Manage Finances?

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Are you in a dilemma right now that could hardly manage your budget? I’ve read a book from an inspiring motivational writer Bo Sanchez entitled 8 Habit of a Happy Millionaire. Here are the shortened steps to take control of your finances:

1st Avoid/ Stop Borrowing.  You might be tempted from those chances that you could get the things that you want but always consider the interest rate that cut all your means.  Do not buy if you can’t have it now! Otherwise it is much more rewarding if you can get it after the fruit of your labor.

2nd Protect your asset. Live on 70% of your income by buying all the things that you need not all want you want!  The tendency to buy the things that is not essential is to kept on reselling or kept wasting your money.

3rd Happy Share. Invest 30% percent or more of your income into three special funds generosity fund, emergency fund and wealth fund.  This could make you blessed despite tiresomeness.

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