Bench's The Naked Truth Show Criticized by Some Netizens

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Stars undertook the runway of Bench's The Naked Truth Denim and Underwear style show supplied all that anyone could need hotness at the SM all of Asia Arena on Saturday, September 20, 2014.

An award winning Actor Coco Martin holding a female model on a chain was one of the scene stealers at the Show. This obtrusive dehumanization of ladies did not escape previous GABRIELA Women's Party Representative Liza L. Maza.
On her Facebook status she posted
Bench should be held accountable for this degrading and dehumanizing portrayal of women and should apologize.”
Comments then flooded to the said post.
Representative Liza L. Maza is known to one of the creators of the Magna Carta of Women (R.a. 9710). Under the said law there ought to be a "Nondiscriminatory and Nonderogatory Portrayal of Women in Media and Film". "This plainly negates the skeleton and principles set by the law, five years since it has been passed. Depictions, for example, these demonstrate that enterprises, for example, Bench and SM, prior presented to be offering an expert assault shirt, keep on offering a sub-human picture of ladies under the nose of the state who ought to be the essential obligation bearer in guaranteeing that 'the pride of ladies' is perceived." Chapter IV, Section 19 An of the IRR of the Magna Carta further expresses "The depiction of ladies in a prejudicial, demeaning and/or critical way in promotions, shows and projects is not permitted."

"We won't permit this dehumanizing treatment of ladies in return for corporate benefit and set back a percentage of the triumphs we have attained in the long battle for the distinguishment of ladies' rights," Maza finished up.