How to Manage Your Thick Hair

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Most men have one thing in common, they have real thick hair. Some men don’t know how to manage their and here are some tips on how to carry yourself with your thick hair.

1. Cut it short. Thick hair is easy to manage if you cut it short like Ivy League haircut. It’s a hairstyle that cut buzzed at the crown but longer towards the front.

2. A longer hairstyle. If you don’t like the option of getting a short hair, you can make it a longer hairstyle which can give a little weight to your hair and hold it down. This can give you more ideas of styling options.

3. Wash it every day. Attracting dirt and grime is common to having a think hair and this can make your scalp greasy later on. You can consider washing your hair with water-based pomade or hair tonics without making it greasy.

4. Moisturize your hair. Thick hair with a coarse texture is often dry which can result to a damage hair. Apply creams and waxes to help define and control your thick hair.

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