What to eat in your sufferings?

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According from a friend’s stamen: What you eat is you! Nowadays people don’t bother whether the food they used to eat is healthy or not.  Oftentimes we forget about the right food pyramid that was taught to us when we are in grade school level, the group of foods such as go, glow and grow. The good proper nutrition was forgotten which made people to have  unhealthy balance diet and suffer from headache, arthritis, cough, colds, bone problem, stomachache and insomnia.

Tips for your sufferings:
• head ache and arthritis eat Fish
• Buko Juice for Urinary Tract Infection
• Cough- Red Pepper
• Memory Problem – Oyster
• Colds - Garlic
• Premenstrual Syndrome -Corn Flakes
• Bone Problem- Pineapple
• Bladder Infection -Cranberry
• Upset Stomach– Juice Banana and Ginger
• Asthma- Onions
• Insomnia- Honey
• To Prevent stroke- Drink Tea
• Fever- Eat Yogurt

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